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Hyundai Mobis Invites Global Clients for Winter Testing


A week-long technology demonstration for clients including Mercedes-Benz and BMW to be held at the Swedish winter testing ground starting from the 29th

Demonstrating braking and steering safety technology performance under harsh winter conditions such as snow and ice

Enhancing technological perfection based on core competencies in essential vehicle engineering fields to continuously expand global orders

Hyundai Mobis researcher is conducting tests on braking stability and body posture control safety technology performance at the Swedish winter testing ground.

SEOUL, February 16, 2024 ? Hyundai Mobis' (KRX: 012330) is set to conduct winter tests by inviting practical engineers from global automakers to its Swedish winter testing ground. It aims to showcase the performance of core safety technologies in braking and steering under challenging winter road conditions such as snow and ice, thereby securing customer trust and expanding future order opportunities.
Hyundai Mobis announced on the 16th that it would host the "MOBIS Winter Driving Experience" for global clients over a week starting from the 29th at the winter testing ground in Arjeplog, Northern Sweden. The event will feature technology displays, real-vehicle tests of electronic braking and steering innovations, and next-generation electrification technologies, including the in-wheel system. Engineers from global automakers including Mercedes-Benz and BMW, are expected to attend the event.
This marks the first time Hyundai Mobis has hosted a large-scale winter technology demonstration event targeting numerous global clients. For the event, Hyundai Mobis plans to deploy ten vehicles to allow client engineers to experience the performance of core safety technologies directly.
The goal of the winter testing event is for customers to personally test and confirm the effectiveness of vehicle braking and steering control technologies, which are critical to passenger safety, under extreme winter driving conditions such as snow and ice. The winter testing ground in Arjeplog, Northern Sweden, features harsh environmental conditions with an average temperature of -15°C, dropping to as low as -40°C, and has a variety of tracks such as multipurpose test track, hill test track, steering pad, and urban driving course for conducting intensive tests on braking stability, body control performance, and turning capabilities.
Notably, the event will also introduce the in-wheel system, which is considered a next-generation electrification technology. The in-wheel system, which involves fitting a drive motor inside each wheel for direct control, offers improved driving efficiency and stable body posture and turning performance. This is the first time the in-wheel system will be demonstrated to global automakers at the winter testing ground.
Opening up a high-intensity technology testing site to numerous clients for direct demonstration reflects Hyundai Mobis's confidence in its core safety auto component technology. Hyundai Mobis is developing its products through thorough verification in extreme environments based on its mass-production capabilities in essential engineering fields such as braking and steering, which are critical for vehicle safety.
Besides the Swedish winter testing ground, Hyundai Mobis also operates a winter testing ground in Heihe, Heilongjiang Province, China, and utilizes a winter testing ground in New Zealand during the summer to continuously perform performance verification and reliability evaluation of mass-produced and advanced development of auto components in winter conditions throughout the year.
Hyundai Mobis plans to hold regular customer-invitation technology events at the winter testing ground. Moving beyond simple technology displays to provide opportunities for clients to experience technologies directly, it aims to seek business collaboration opportunities and actively expand its customer network. Following a record foreign order achievement of $9.22 billion (approximately 12.2 trillion KRW) from global automakers last year, Hyundai Mobis intends to further strengthen its engagement with global clients and continuously expand its international orders this year. (End)


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